Requirements for the castle visit

Evidenc of being Vaccinated or Recovered + personal idendity card

Until 24th November 2021 Hohenzollern Castle is closed.
On 25th November 2021 the Royal Winter Magic will be opened. 

For visiting Hohenzollern Castle you must meet the following requirements:
- you have to show evidence of being completely vaccinated* or
- you have to show evidence of being recovered*
and you have to show your personal idendity card.
(A negative antigen test or PCR test is not valid any more for the access to the castle.)

* Exeptions: Children up to and including 5 years | Children up to and including 7 years of age who are not yet in school | Primary school students, pupils in a special educational and advisory centre, a form school leading on from primary school or a vocational school (testing conducted at the school) | Persons up to and including 17 years of age who are no longer in school (negative antigen test required) | Persons who cannot be vaccinated for medical reasons (medical proof required, negative antigen test required) | Persons for whom there is no general recommendation for vaccination from the Standing Committee on Vaccination (STIKO) (negative antigen test required) | Pregnant and breastfeeding women as STIKO has only recommended a vaccination for these groups since 10 September 2021 (negative antigen test required).
(Source: Baden-Wü

Face mask (mouth and nose cover)
There is a general obligation of wearing a face mask (medical/FFP2) in all interior and exterior areas. This applies to everybody from six years on.**

** Exeptions: Children up to and including 5 years | Persons who cannot wear a mask for health reasons (medical certificate required) | In restaurant when eating and drinking | Outdoors only if the minimum distance of 1.5 metres to other persons can be permanently maintained.

Online ticket
You have to buy an online ticket in advance in the Online-Ticket-Portal.
The online tickets are available 14 days in advance.
Here you find the opening times. Here you find the admission fees.

Data collection in the castle gastronomy
If you want to visit our restaurant or beer garden we are bound by law to take a data collection. This you can do comfortably by the Luca app or handwritten in a blank form. 


There are some test centers around Hohenzollern Castle, for example::
Bürgertest Kaufland parking lot Hechingen, Gammertinger Straße 42-44, 72379 Hechingen
Testzentren Zollernalb (several locations, e.g. Bisingen or Balingen)
Test im Auto Domäne parkink lot Hechingen, Brielhof 1, 72379 Hechingen
Test im Auto Thalia parking lot Albstadt, Thaliastraße 9, 72461 Albstadt

Please notice: Some test centers offer only antigen tests (quick tests), some test centers offer antigen tests as well as PCR tests. 


In general:
Guests, who show Covid-19 symptoms (e.g. fever, cough, cold, sore throat) or who had contact to Corona infected persons within the last 14 days, are not allowed to enter Hohenzollern Castle and its facilities.