CORONAVIRUS: General Information

Dear guests of Hohenzollern Castle,

the fairy tale slumber, by which the Castle was ensnared during the Corona crisis, is almost over. Almost. Even though some museums in Germany are now open again, Hohenzollern Castle will only open its gates on 15 June 2020.

Why we are still waiting? Because, since the Castle and its gastronomy have been closed for weeks, we want to ensure that all processes will work out smoothly despite of all restrictions. For this, we still need some time. In addition, we want to present the Hohenzollern Castle as usually known by you: As a perceptible museum on the inside as well as on the outside including a local high-quality kitchen and a bus shuttle from the parking space up to the Castle.

Although our gates will open soon, there will still be some restrictions due to the ongoing regulations. This means there will be a limit for the amount of daily tickets and for sure there’s the requirement of wearing protective masks as well as keeping distance to others. The 2020 events Spring Awakening, Mother's Day, Open Air Theatre, Open Air Cinema, Shooting Star Nights, Falconer Weekend and Golden Autumn were already cancelled. But there are also good news: Season tickets for 2020 are still valid until the end of 2021. Additionally, the tickets will soon be available online.

Our visitor information will be glad to answer any furter questions by telephone on a daily basis from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. under number +49(0)7471-2428.

The year of 2020 may has begun unusually and has confronted us with a situation that has never been there before, but we consider it as our responsibility to do everything for the safety of our visitors and employees.

We would already like to thank all of those who have borne the current restrictions with great patience – be it the tours that didn’t take place, be it the family celebrations, weddings, baptisms or birthdays that had to be postponed. The Hohenzollern Castle – an attraction with almost 350,000 visitors a year – will hopefully be resplendent in its former glory soon.

We are looking forward to seeing you!

Yours faithfully and with very best wishes,

Your Castle-Team