The Royal Magic of Advent

23 November 2020 - 10 January 2021

Due to the uncertainties caused by the pandemic situation it is still not sure if it will be allowed to organize Christmas markets this year. So we make this year a virtue out of necessity and organize the Royal Magic of Advent - no market stalls, no crowds, but therefore a lot of light, atmosphere and romance - by far the best alternative!

Opening Times: 23 November 2020 to 10 January 2021
Sunday to Thursday: 15:00 - 20:00 hrs
Friday and Saturday: 15:00 - 21:00 hrs
Outisde these times the castle is closed.
Days of rest: 24 +31 December 2020 (castle completely closed)

The Royal Magic of Advent will indulge you with enchanting illuminations and festive decorations in the inside and outside. Stroll along the castle grounds and through the interior and let yourself be led away into the Christmas world of the nobels and royals attended by contemplative sounds and the glamour of Advent.
Court jester Klausi Klücklich will fly tiny and huge bubbles from the courtyard. Occasionally Santa Claus and his little helpers will drop by. The castle's gastronomy invites to Christmas delicacies or to a cosy coffee party in the castle restaurant.
In the castle garden you can hire your favorite little hut to spend an amusing "Hüttengaudi" with your friends by enjoying mulled wine, gingerbread and other fine snacks. The "Hüttengaudi" can be reserved for up to 6 persons per hut. For booking and price requests please contact Please check the availability of the "Hüttengaudi" before you book your online tickets. 

Tickets (regulary entrance fees) for the Royal Magic of Advent are available in the Online-Ticket-Portal only (regular tickets in the section "Buy tickets"). To guarantee the legal regulations and hygiene regulations there is a limited quantity of tickets per day. The tickets need to be booked for a special day with a certain time slot of admission (the admission time slot of 1 hour is only the time you have to pass the entrance gate and has nothing to do with your residence time).

The two parking lots P1 and P2 are open at the days of the Royal Magic of Advent from 14:30 hrs and will be regulary serviced by the shuttle bus. The last shuttle from the castle down to the parking lots is 30 minutes after the end of the Royal Magic of Advent in each case.