Small worlds -
Pewter figures at the castle

25 March - 30 June 2018

Pewter figures always inspired the imagination of children and adults. They were already known in ancient Greece and since the 13th century also in Germany. From the 18th century on they could be found in nearly every children's room. The possibility to create your own world on small space, to manufacture these little sculptures yourself as well as playing with them, collecting and exchanging them made pewter figures so popular.

The exhibition shows a cross section through different historical epochs. A major focus will be on the House of Hohenzollern and the time of Frederick the Great. Indians, Neanderthals, Romans and even fantasy figures will also be part of the show, presented in dioramas and picture frames. The development of pewter figures and pewter casting since the 20th century will be another important topic.

The exhibition will be organized in cooperation with the Zinnfigurensammlervereinigung Klio Baden-Württemberg e.V., whose members kindly provide the exhibits. It is open from 25 March until 30 June 2018 from 11:00-17:00 hrs. The entrance is already included in the admission fee of the castle.

Pewter casting:
On Sunday, 17 Juni 2018, members of the Zinnfigurensammelvereinigung organize a pewter casting in the carriage courtyard.