Summer concert:

25 July 2024 (Thursday)

Live & open air in the courtyard. A unique concert evening for all fans of powerful percussion: the Drum Stars combine rousing rhythms full of energy and concentrated joy of playing and musicality. Loud and powerful pieces on bright LED drums, water drums and everyday objects alternate quickly and perfectly with entertaining body percussion interludes or calm, melodious pieces on the marimba or hang. All 5 members of the Drum Stars are professional musicians who have already worked with numerous other well-known artists from the international music scene and have toured throughout Europe. Further information: Drum-Stars

 Date  Thursday, 25 July 2024
 Location  Courtyard, open air, seating in category blocks
 Entry  18:30 hrs| Catering in the castle's beer garden
 Start  20:00 hrs
 Break  ca. 30 minutes| catering in the beer garden
 End  22:30 hrs
 Price categories   39,00 | 49,00 | 59,00 | 69,00 € (depending on seat category)

 Online-Ticket-Portal in the category [Events]

TICKETS are available exclusively via the online ticket portal in the [Events] section. This event will be held as a seated concert. The tickets are divided into 4 price categories depending on the seating block. There is free choice of seats within the respective seating block (reservations are not possible).

The ACCOMPANIMENT PROGRAM before the concert and during the break includes: Court juggler Klausi Klücklich with his bubbles, hammock cubes in the beer garden & carriage yard, beer bar, champagne bar, cocktail bar, hot and cold snacks.

The SHUTTLE BUS (included in the ticket) runs from 18:15 - 20:00 and from 22:00 - 23:00 between the parking lot and the Adlertor (entrance gate to the castle).

TIP: Even on warm summer days, it can get a little cool in the evenings at the castle. We recommend that you bring warm clothes/blankets/cushions. The event takes place in all weathers. In the event of rain, we recommend that you bring a rain jacket. Umbrellas are not permitted in the spectator area as they obstruct the view of other spectators.

NOTE: Separate concert tickets are valid for this event. The regular Hohenzollern Castle ticket options (day ticket, free ticket, Black Forest Plus Card, Friends of Hohenzollern Castle membership etc.) are therefore not valid for this event. Tickets for this event cannot be changed or canceled.

Photos and videos will be taken during this event and published as part of press coverage (TV, print media, digital media, social media). If you do not wish to be photographed/filmed, please feel free to contact the camera staff.