General prohibition for
unmanned aerial systems

The operation of unmanned aerial systems (drones) and other remote-controlled flight models is generally forbidden within the entire area of the structural facilities of the Hohenzollern Castle, the entire forested castle-mountain and its parking lots at the bottom of the castle. The administration of the Hohenzollern castle established this rule for the safety of the visitors and the protection of the cultural heritage. This regulation is valid for all unmanned aviation systems and flight models no matter what size, weight or insurance cover.

The Hohenzollern Castle, as well as the biggest part of the forested castle-mountain and its parking lots, is private property of the Hohenzollern family, which asserts its domiciliary right for the above named regulation. Therefore circuiting and overflying even within large distances is strictly forbidden.  At contravention the castle administration is obliged to inform the police and the Civil Aviation Authority.

Cause of this regulation is the strong increase of not registered drone-flights and its raised risk of accidents.