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General safety advice

Hohenzollern Castle is a historical site, the security of which cannot be comprehensively guaranteed. By entering the castle grounds, visitors agree to take note of any risks, to behave responsibly and to release the owners from any liability. We ask that no damage be done to the listed building and that no climbing be done on walls. Parents are liable for their children. 


Photographing | Drones

Photographing for private purpose is allowed in the outdoor area and in the museum rooms (without flash). Only in the treasure room photographing ist not allowed.

Photographing for commercial or advertising purpose needs a written permission of the castle administration.

The operation of drones and other model aircrafts is prohibited on the the entire castle ground including the castle mountain and parking lots. For more information please see Drones prohibition.


Wheelchairs | Walking aids | Strollers | Elevator

Hohenzollern Castle is an old building and protected as a historic monument. It is located on a mountain top and according to its age and original provision it is equipped with an ancient access ramp and some staircases. We endeavour to enable entrance also to guests with impaired mobility. But unfortunately we cannot guarantee or provide accessibility in all parts.

The shuttle bus that runs between the visitor parking lot and Eagle's Gate (the castle's entrance gate) is wheelchair accessible and also suitable for transporting a stroller. From the Eagle's Gate to the castle courtyard it is about 350 meters uphill (partly over cobblestones). Alternatively, there is an elevator a few meters next to the Eagle's Gate. The exit of the elevator is on the Schnarrwacht Bastion. From there it is about 50 meters to the castle courtyard.

Wheelchair users can, of course, take their wheelchairs to the museum rooms. To get inside there is a staircase with 25 steps (up and down) to surmount. Unfortunately, we cannot provide qualified staff to give assistance. Please decide by yourself on the practicability and if surmount is possible, please arrange the step-up and step-down with the help of own assistants. We willingly grant free entrance to two escorts per wheelchair-using guest.

The treasury is accessible from the courtyard at ground level. Therefore, accessibility with a wheelchair causes no problem.  

Guests who need a walking aid/crutch/walking stick can use it in the museum rooms as long as it is rubberized and does not damage the floor or furniture. Long, sharp or pointed objects like hiking sticks or umbrellas are not allowed in the museum rooms, but can be placed at the information office for the duration of the museum visit.

Strollers are not allowed in the museum rooms. They can be placed at the information office for the duration of the museum visit.

Disability-friendly toilets you find on parking lot P1 and on the castle ground only a few meters beside the courtyard.

For further information please contact phone +49(0)7471-2428.


Hiking rucksacks | Hiking sticks | Umbrellas

To avoid damages to the historical interior, hiking rucksacks, hiking sticks and umbrellas are not allowed in the show rooms. You are welcome to leave your rucksack in safekeeping at the visitor information. For sticks and umbrellas please use the umbrella holders at the entrance door.



Dogs are allowed on leash on the castle ground, but not in the interior rooms. Dogs can be taken into the shuttle bus and into the Castle Restaurant as long as they do not disturb the safety and well-being of other guests.


Castle visit in winter time

Even in the cold months the castle is open every day - except December 24.
But notice: the castle rooms are not heated – please wear appropriate clothes!


Parking lot & Caravans

There are 2 parking lots for cars and 1 parking lot for coaches below the castle on the middle of the castle mountain. 
- The upper parking lot (P1) is the main parking lot.
- The lower parking lot (P2) is open if needed.
- The parking lot for coaches is right beside the upper parking lot.

The parking spaces for cars are for free.

Out of buisiness hours the parking lots are closed.

For caravans there are 5 places marked on the upper parking lot (P1). Caravans are allowed to stay overnight for a fee of 5,00 €. This option has to be registered on our online-ticket-portal in advance. But notice: there is no caravan sanitation. Caravan electricity is available on request during the service time of the parking lot staff for a fee of 4,00 €.


By Bus & Train to the Castle

For further information please refer to Your way to the Castle



Debit cards, all major credit cards and cash are accepted. 



You will find spacious lavatories on the upper parking lot and in the Castle - of course handicap-accessible.